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10 Best Weight Loss Foods for Women

Choosing foods wisely is as important as the work-out for weight loss. ‘Eat more to weigh less’ can be your slim-down mantra. It can be the easiest way to lose weight as you do not need to put in extra time and effort. Citrus Fruits Oranges and grapefruit are two most …

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Weight Loss Tips for Women | Weight Loss Tips

Women are naturally very conscious about their body image. Besides, the media has left no stone unturned in exploiting this inclination. Ironically, the media also tempts them to make unhealthy lifestyle choices which lead to the problem of being overweight and obesity. Inside image: Pixabay  To women placed on the …

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Reasons why you do not lose weight| Weight Loss Tips

Alas! The vicious cycle of trying and trying but not losing weight doesn’t end.  And our self esteem goes down with the scale going up. Don’t lose hope, positive thinking works in favour of our body. If you have exhausted yourself just reading this, you seriously need to lose weight. …

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Everyday Foods for Weight Loss | Weight Loss Diet

If only there was some magic pill that could give you everything you needed for weight loss and good health.  Unfortunately, no such pill exists, but there are everyday foods that can serve both the purposes. There are many foods that not only promote wellness and weight control, but also …

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How to Lose Love Handles | Weight Loss Tips

Love handles refer to deposition of excess fat on the sides of one’s waistline. Fat around the abdomen is not only frustrating, but can also lead to serious health problems such as diabetes and heart diseases. To lose love handles can be difficult, especially if you have a large amount …

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